Dragons’ Den Profile – Peter Jones

With a net worth of £475 million and a top 500 ranking in the Sunday Times Rich List 2010, Peter Jones is an entrepreneur to be reckoned with. Yet for all his successes, Jones is also a well-rounded individual with a love of life and commitment to making it better.

The Quintessential Businessman

Like all business people, Jones’ motivation is obvious. In the 24th September 2009 Telegraph article, “Fame & Fortune: Dragons’ Den star Peter Jones”, in answer to the question “Now that you are better off, are you happier?,” Jones replied, “I’ve read a lot of people answer this saying no, and that money doesn’t make you happier, but I disagree. I’ve been in the situation where I didn’t have enough money and I really felt it. Having it has led to the happiest moments in my life.” Continue reading “Dragons’ Den Profile – Peter Jones”