Dragons’ Den Guide To Seeking Investment

The BBC’s Dragon’s Den, now into its fifteenth series, is a mainly excruciating yet sometimes a very informative and completely entertaining show. As would be entrepreneurs bring their money making ideas and businesses to five self-made business giants, the dragons dig into their business models for future profit and ultimate return. The attraction is obvious for the pitchers, an investment and just as importantly, influence from somebody who has already trodden the path to major wealth.

The excruciating part of watching this show is all too obvious. For the vast majority who do not receive the investment they are looking for, it is usually as a result of a lack of essential business acumen. The dragons know this and it creates for great entertainment watching them tear apart their unsuspecting prey and leaving a ravaged business model to hobble away and find a place to die. Can this be avoided however? Can the business hopefuls actually prepare better to leave with some dignity when faced with rejection? Here is a look at some things to consider for those who are willing to brave the Dragon’s Den. Continue reading “Dragons’ Den Guide To Seeking Investment”