Maintaining Your Personal Image

An individual’s public image and exposure is largely overlooked these days. It can be complex and intimidating to address, but ultimately a great asset in the road ahead. While there are many valuable things that contribute to one’s success, maintaining a positive reputation is essential. Just as one review with a negative tone can destroy a company quickly, the same goes for job seekers. Here are a few tips to being with.

Fix Problems

It is good practice to be very proactive in today’s job market. When professionals find something amiss, they attempt to remedy or fix their problem relatively quickly. Negative information and associations with one’s name or work history have the power to drastically slow down the job search. Networking with the right people and staying in good standing with these relationships will help prevent the spread of negative information.

Social Media

Facebook, and even Linked In pages can become a source of drama for many job seekers and businesses. There is an astounding amount of potentially negative information that can hinder one’s chances in the job market. This seems to be the case globally, and it is affecting many people. It is important to always respect relationships, both personal and professional. Maintain integrity both in person and online. Generally, if something seems questionable, slow down and rethink all available options. In short, monitor your choices and decisions before they are made public. Once out on the web, it is difficult to retract that information.

Study Prospective Companies

In addition to monitoring one’s own reputation, it is also important to review that of any prospective employers. While a job seeker’s image may be well taken care of, he or she should see if the company’s views align with his or hers. A good idea may be to check out reviews for more comprehensive ways to go about the research. Finding out about what the culture of a company is can help an individual better prepare for an interview or save them valuable time. Staying on top of both one’s own personal reputation and that of any future employer will ensure a smoother process in the long run.

Stand By Your Ethics

Today, it is expected that each individual should stand by their beliefs and morals. The public information associated with your name should support that. This will prevent you from getting overlooked for employment opportunities and promotions. Ethics are important, and anyone who stands by theirs will remain open to great opportunities ahead.


Building and maintaining a good reputation in the online world takes time and regular effort. The above steps are just a few ideas for staying on the right path and boosting personal and professional reputation over the course of a few weeks or months. They are easy to implement and are effective.