Dragons’ Den Profile – Peter Jones

With a net worth of £475 million and a top 500 ranking in the Sunday Times Rich List 2010, Peter Jones is an entrepreneur to be reckoned with. Yet for all his successes, Jones is also a well-rounded individual with a love of life and commitment to making it better.

The Quintessential Businessman

Like all business people, Jones’ motivation is obvious. In the 24th September 2009 Telegraph article, “Fame & Fortune: Dragons’ Den star Peter Jones”, in answer to the question “Now that you are better off, are you happier?,” Jones replied, “I’ve read a lot of people answer this saying no, and that money doesn’t make you happier, but I disagree. I’ve been in the situation where I didn’t have enough money and I really felt it. Having it has led to the happiest moments in my life.” Continue reading “Dragons’ Den Profile – Peter Jones”

Dragons’ Den Profile – Deborah Meaden

Deborah Meaden is one of the most successful and famous female entrepreneurs in Britain today. With a handsome fortune and a great life to boot, she is also more than just a business woman. In business so in life, Meaden does not like to faff about. She is a straight talking, no nonsense lady with a great head for business and energy to succeed.

Meaden; What You See is What You Get

With the old adage, “Don’t believe everything you see or hear on television,” so it is with Deborah Meaden. In the 18th June 2009 Daily Mail article, “ Why the real Deborah Meaden is not such an old dragon after all,” Deborah Ross found this out when interviewing the business woman. “She’s warm and she’s friendly and she’s funny – and she laughs a lot. She does have a non-business mode, though you’d never guess from Dragons’ Den, where she is all frosty and stern.”

Moving to Essex from Somerset with sister Gail and her divorced mother, her knowledge about life and business came from her mother and stepfather’s example as they built up a holiday park and leisure company while the two girls went to boarding school. Continue reading “Dragons’ Den Profile – Deborah Meaden”